Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting ready!

Welcome to my first blog! The occasion is our trip to Paris and Casablanca coming up real soon, August 3 - 31: as good an excuse as any to learn how to do this. I have no idea if I'll be able to download pictures when we're there, so you may just get words.

With a week and a half to go we have a four-page to-do list that we're slogging through. Home exchanges are wonderful -- no hotel costs, no car rental costs, no no-alternative restaurant costs -- but because they're coming here we want the house to be perfect. You know, perfectly cleaned, perfectly repaired, perfectly supplied. You can imagine what that means. All the little errands, repairs, and tasks you meant to do someday have to be done now, as well as preparing all the instructions and tourist information for the home exchangers. But it's worth it!

In our house from August 5 to 25 (they're leaving a week earlier than we are to visit a relative) will be Ahmed, Sylvie, Sélim, and Sophia Ouayach from Casablanca, and Sélim's friend Simon who is French. The Ouayach family lives in Casablanca; he's an agronomist who owns a seed company, she's an English teacher, and the kids are university students aged 18 to 22. Sophia will have the guest room and Sélim and Simon will sleep on the deck!

Because they have offered us the use of their apartment in Paris (15th arrondissement near the Eiffel Tower) as well, we'll spend 10 days in Paris, two and a half weeks in Morocco, and the last half week in Paris again.

What an adventure!



  1. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful vacation. Round up the usual suitcases. Remember your camera or the visit won't amount to a hill of beans. But with lots of photos, you'll always have Paris.

  2. I'm not surprised all the preparation you're doing on your home -- you've always been the most gracious of hosts! Have a bon voyage. Posting photos to your blog is a bit time-consuming but entirely possible. I hope to see at least a few snapshots before you return :)

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere! A trip to Casablanca is an ideal reason to start. I await the developments with bated breath.

  4. c'est très rigolo de lire vos impressions sur Paris! il est vrai que: que ce serait Paris sans la Tour Eiffel mais aussi que sarait Paris sans ses prix hors mesure et ses petits logements! Je n'ai pas le temps de tout lire ce soir, je reviendri lire vottre visite de Casablanca dont j'ai mis quelques photos sur mon blog. J'attends vos photos... sur votre blog!

  5. Ms. Sylvie Ouyach was my first English teacher at College Anatole France when I was 14. She had renamed everyone in the class with an Anglo-saxon name to have us "immerse" in the culture. She had renamed me "John" :) Please, if you see her, give her a big hug and a huge thanks straight from my heart. She's the first person who inspired me to learn English and master it like a native American or British person would. Charaf Sekkat